Adventure time: Nature Trips & Surfing in Morocco

If you’re visiting Morocco, You HAVE to see some nature. The Atlas Mountains are breath taking and nature will refresh you from the crazy Marrakech heat… Go for a mountain hike in Imlil. This mountain village is incredibly beautiful and calm. I advise you to take a hike of 2-3 hours. You’ll be hungry afterwards, but don’t worry you can eat some fine tagines in one of the tourist restaurants. (Yes, unfortunately there’s only tourist stuff to be found).

Visit Ouzoud if you’re interested in going to real life paradise. It is 5-6 hours from Marrakech, but it’s definitely worth it! Ouzoud is an oasis/valley that looks somewhat like the mermaids islands in Disney’s Peter Pan… It can be busy during summertime by indigenous tourists (Moroccans love to see their own sights), but you can escape the crowd and walk along the river flow to discover some quiet pools and waterfalls in between the mountain rifs.

Ourika Valley is a bit closer to Marrakech but also known by foreign tourists. Still beautiful though, and absolutely suitable for having a peaceful lunch and/or coffee with milk (aka. kahwa bell helib).

For lovely authentic beach places visit Essaouira (3 hours from Marrakech) and Sidi Kauki (which is half an hour from Essaouira). Be prepared because the wind can be insanely strong. I dared to go windsurfing in Essaouira but was by far not pro enough. Essaouira is also known as the windy city of Africa, only professional windsurfers can keep up here. Besides, bring some warm winter clothes as Moroccan beach places can be very cold and humid, even in mid summer. Essaouira is quite known amongst tourist populations, but visit the place anyway.
Imsouane is very petite, but a surfers paradise and yet unknown by the mass tourist. Additionally from hear say I recommend you Sidi Ifni, Taghazout and Chefchaouen, but I haven’t been here myself as they are far from Marrakech.

Priscilla’s Trips to Paradise
If you’re interested in visiting these places, Priscilla Queen of the Medina provides trips. Priscilla’s trips are of good quality and the prices are lower than regular agencies that you’ll find in Marrakech and much cheaper than those you’ll find in the Lonely Planet guide. Please don’t trust Lonely Planet in that respect. Last year I payed the triple price (approximately 100 Euro for 2 days) at the agency Mountain Voyage! Don’t trust them.
Afin, communicate your wishes with Hana or Siham during your stay at Priscilla, and discuss your next adventure!



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