Priscilla’s Social Projects


Priscilla is Social. She’s not just taking, she exists mainly to give.

We believe in a fair world, where every human being, including women, should be given a chance to attend (Art) Education. In this sense, Priscilla Queen of the Medina helps her Medina neighbours by offering Social Charity Projects.
Did you see the picture above? Here we asked the women and kids of our neighbourhood what form of education they wished for. After listening to their wishes, we decided to give:

1. Weekly reading and writing classes to Medina women
2. Weekly dance classes to Medina kids
3. Weekly painting classes to Medina kids


🙂 With your stay at Priscilla’s, you’ll support the continuation of Priscilla’s hostel and art residence. So travelers, spend your travel-money wisely…

Book a big Double Room:,
Book a small Double Room:,
Book a bed in a Dorm:

🙂 🙂 With your donation you’ll support Priscilla’s social charity projects.
Would you like to help Priscilla’s projects with a donation, or love and energy in any shape/form?

Note that we’ll just break even with your stay. We need your donation for our social projects. To keep on growing, to keep on giving, to keep on creating smiles!

Shukran, Merci, Thank you

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