Call for Application: Maroc Artist Meeting

MAM – Maroc Artist Meeting– Intercultural Exchange Within All Fields of Art.


MAM – Maroc Artist Meeting 6.April- 26.April 2015
MAM Marrakech 6.-19. April. 2015 (encounter/exchange)
MAM on the road 20.-26.April 2015 (community art project)

MAM – Maroc Artist Meeting is an encounter open to professional artists, both Moroccan and international, seeking to engage with their lived environments and artistic practice in a critical way. All artists will work, experiment, live, discuss and network for a period of two weeks in Marrakech.

– The residency starts with an official presentation of each artist’s personal work.
– In the 1st week, participants will develop their own individual project.
– The 2nd week is an open space for free cultural and artistic exchange between
residents that will culminate in a presentation by all collaborators.
– During the 3rd week, selected participants will travel to different villages to work on
community art projects with locals.

MAM provides a frame for collaborative work in order to discover new formats and their potential contents – through practice as well as in theoretical discourse.

MAM seeks highly motivated artists who are able to work independently within a group setting. Artists from all disciplines are welcome to apply for the residency program – including performing arts, visual arts, street arts, applied arts, music and literature.

MAM is about active participation and communal organization. It gives the possibility to discover creative means of self-empowerment and self-responsibility.
Each artist will be fully responsible for his experience and his progress within the collective.

MAM takes place in the heart of Marrakech, where we will live and work as a temporary collective.

Apply for a grant

MAM offers grants for up to 10 individual participants. The grant will cover costs for accommodation, food, and a small budget for material and supplies.
Travel costs to morocco will be funded only to few selected grant holders.
Application should include:
– A strong motivation letter.
– A description of your previous work including an online link.
– A proposal for the individual project in the 1st week.
– Possible ideas for the exchange during the 2nd week.
– If you are interested in participating in the community art project during the 3rd week, please submit a separate motivation letter detailing your interest and any previous experiences in social-artistic work.

Application deadline is 15th January 2015.
Please send all materials to

For any questions please contact us at the same address.


HOW TO FIND Priscilla Queen of the Medina- the MOVIE

Priscilla’s first MOVIE!
A tutorial on How to find Priscilla Queen of the Medina in the busy streets of Marrakech?
It looks difficult but no worries, once you know it it’s actually quite easy!

Edited by: Eduardo Muza Hernández

Book Priscilla’s Ecologic Hostel

With your stay at Priscilla’s Ecologic Hostel and Art Residence, you’ll support the continuation of Priscilla’s existence. Indirectly, you’ll also support or Social Charity Projects, read more here: . So travelers, spend your travel-money wisely…

Info & Bookings on
Big Double Room:,
Small Double Room:,
Bed in a Dorm:

10698404_305583842967955_7393092976333999654_nPS. You’ll find more information about the rooms and our hostel by clicking on one of these links. Airbnb is trust-able and very easy to use. Just log in with your Facebook account, or create a new account on Airbnb.
Need help? Got any questions? Or do you prefer to make a reservation by email?

Priscilla’s Social Projects


Priscilla is Social. She’s not just taking, she exists mainly to give.

We believe in a fair world, where every human being, including women, should be given a chance to attend (Art) Education. In this sense, Priscilla Queen of the Medina helps her Medina neighbours by offering Social Charity Projects.
Did you see the picture above? Here we asked the women and kids of our neighbourhood what form of education they wished for. After listening to their wishes, we decided to give:

1. Weekly reading and writing classes to Medina women
2. Weekly dance classes to Medina kids
3. Weekly painting classes to Medina kids


🙂 With your stay at Priscilla’s, you’ll support the continuation of Priscilla’s hostel and art residence. So travelers, spend your travel-money wisely…

Book a big Double Room:,
Book a small Double Room:,
Book a bed in a Dorm:

🙂 🙂 With your donation you’ll support Priscilla’s social charity projects.
Would you like to help Priscilla’s projects with a donation, or love and energy in any shape/form?

Note that we’ll just break even with your stay. We need your donation for our social projects. To keep on growing, to keep on giving, to keep on creating smiles!

Shukran, Merci, Thank you

10620311_312763678916638_2310864883899857169_o            10454928_312764032249936_2489160576797324019_o

Priscilla Queen of the Medina?

Priscilla Queen of the Medina
is an Artist Residency and Performance/Event Space based in the Marrakech Medina. Travelers are welcome for a sleep over at Priscilla’s, because she run’s an Ecologic Hostel as well! Book:


Priscilla’s community welcomes all visitors to discover her events (f.i. exhibitions/ dance, yoga and literature workshops), exchange their knowledge and ideas on art/ecology with other guests, or share them with our Medina neighbours. As Priscilla is a social enterprise she empowers Marrakchi women with education (reading/writing) and offers neighbourhood  children art workshops (f.e. dance/painting) for free. Priscilla is very green. When I say green I mean that A.) she’s very young, born August 14th, 2014, B.) she’s got many plants, c.) Priscilla is based on a philosophy of equitable economy and ecologic principles. At the moment her community is developing a pioneer permaculture in Marrakech.

Priscilla Queen of the Medina is housed in a traditional Moroccan riad, with dazzling mosaic walls and floors, a green open air patio and a roof terrace with open air showers. The house is decorated with DIY and recycled furniture.

pris Inspired? You’re welcome to join and support our projects with your stay, energy, knowledge or donation.

Visit: 27 Derb al Ferrane, 40400 Azbezt, Marrakech Medina, Morocco.
Check us out on Facebook:
Discover Priscilla’s website: