Call for Application: Maroc Artist Meeting

MAM – Maroc Artist Meeting– Intercultural Exchange Within All Fields of Art.


MAM – Maroc Artist Meeting 6.April- 26.April 2015
MAM Marrakech 6.-19. April. 2015 (encounter/exchange)
MAM on the road 20.-26.April 2015 (community art project)

MAM – Maroc Artist Meeting is an encounter open to professional artists, both Moroccan and international, seeking to engage with their lived environments and artistic practice in a critical way. All artists will work, experiment, live, discuss and network for a period of two weeks in Marrakech.

– The residency starts with an official presentation of each artist’s personal work.
– In the 1st week, participants will develop their own individual project.
– The 2nd week is an open space for free cultural and artistic exchange between
residents that will culminate in a presentation by all collaborators.
– During the 3rd week, selected participants will travel to different villages to work on
community art projects with locals.

MAM provides a frame for collaborative work in order to discover new formats and their potential contents – through practice as well as in theoretical discourse.

MAM seeks highly motivated artists who are able to work independently within a group setting. Artists from all disciplines are welcome to apply for the residency program – including performing arts, visual arts, street arts, applied arts, music and literature.

MAM is about active participation and communal organization. It gives the possibility to discover creative means of self-empowerment and self-responsibility.
Each artist will be fully responsible for his experience and his progress within the collective.

MAM takes place in the heart of Marrakech, where we will live and work as a temporary collective.

Apply for a grant

MAM offers grants for up to 10 individual participants. The grant will cover costs for accommodation, food, and a small budget for material and supplies.
Travel costs to morocco will be funded only to few selected grant holders.
Application should include:
– A strong motivation letter.
– A description of your previous work including an online link.
– A proposal for the individual project in the 1st week.
– Possible ideas for the exchange during the 2nd week.
– If you are interested in participating in the community art project during the 3rd week, please submit a separate motivation letter detailing your interest and any previous experiences in social-artistic work.

Application deadline is 15th January 2015.
Please send all materials to

For any questions please contact us at the same address.


Cafe Clock Marrakech

Cafe Clock is a cross-cultural meeting place for all people interested in art, music, yoga, literature and meeting cool people from all over the world!
Sounds like Priscilla’s Best Friend Forever don’t you think?
Our staff is fond of the cafe and invites you to join us when visiting the cafe.

The looks European, the furniture Moroccan, the art on the walls great, and the food and drinks tasty.
Into folklore? Cafe Clock organizes a festive Gnawa music night every sunday. Be prepared for some excited dancing, singing and clapping as the staff of cafe clock will grab you for a dance!

The latest cool events:
Wednesday: Yoga/Jam session
Thursday: Traditional Storytelling
Saturday: Concert
Sunday: Gnawa Music

But check their agenda for event dates and times:


Book Priscilla’s Ecologic Hostel

With your stay at Priscilla’s Ecologic Hostel and Art Residence, you’ll support the continuation of Priscilla’s existence. Indirectly, you’ll also support or Social Charity Projects, read more here: . So travelers, spend your travel-money wisely…

Info & Bookings on
Big Double Room:,
Small Double Room:,
Bed in a Dorm:

10698404_305583842967955_7393092976333999654_nPS. You’ll find more information about the rooms and our hostel by clicking on one of these links. Airbnb is trust-able and very easy to use. Just log in with your Facebook account, or create a new account on Airbnb.
Need help? Got any questions? Or do you prefer to make a reservation by email?

Adventure time: Nature Trips & Surfing in Morocco

If you’re visiting Morocco, You HAVE to see some nature. The Atlas Mountains are breath taking and nature will refresh you from the crazy Marrakech heat… Go for a mountain hike in Imlil. This mountain village is incredibly beautiful and calm. I advise you to take a hike of 2-3 hours. You’ll be hungry afterwards, but don’t worry you can eat some fine tagines in one of the tourist restaurants. (Yes, unfortunately there’s only tourist stuff to be found).

Visit Ouzoud if you’re interested in going to real life paradise. It is 5-6 hours from Marrakech, but it’s definitely worth it! Ouzoud is an oasis/valley that looks somewhat like the mermaids islands in Disney’s Peter Pan… It can be busy during summertime by indigenous tourists (Moroccans love to see their own sights), but you can escape the crowd and walk along the river flow to discover some quiet pools and waterfalls in between the mountain rifs.

Ourika Valley is a bit closer to Marrakech but also known by foreign tourists. Still beautiful though, and absolutely suitable for having a peaceful lunch and/or coffee with milk (aka. kahwa bell helib).

For lovely authentic beach places visit Essaouira (3 hours from Marrakech) and Sidi Kauki (which is half an hour from Essaouira). Be prepared because the wind can be insanely strong. I dared to go windsurfing in Essaouira but was by far not pro enough. Essaouira is also known as the windy city of Africa, only professional windsurfers can keep up here. Besides, bring some warm winter clothes as Moroccan beach places can be very cold and humid, even in mid summer. Essaouira is quite known amongst tourist populations, but visit the place anyway.
Imsouane is very petite, but a surfers paradise and yet unknown by the mass tourist. Additionally from hear say I recommend you Sidi Ifni, Taghazout and Chefchaouen, but I haven’t been here myself as they are far from Marrakech.

Priscilla’s Trips to Paradise
If you’re interested in visiting these places, Priscilla Queen of the Medina provides trips. Priscilla’s trips are of good quality and the prices are lower than regular agencies that you’ll find in Marrakech and much cheaper than those you’ll find in the Lonely Planet guide. Please don’t trust Lonely Planet in that respect. Last year I payed the triple price (approximately 100 Euro for 2 days) at the agency Mountain Voyage! Don’t trust them.
Afin, communicate your wishes with Hana or Siham during your stay at Priscilla, and discuss your next adventure!


Marrakech Go’s and No’s

Food and drinks
During your visit you’ll eat many many tagines, with or without meat. You’ll find them anywhere. For some other great dishes and drinks read my recommendations below.

In the Medina
For cheap but relatively good food you should go to the famous Jamaa el Fna square. Here you’ll find street artists and eateries.
Also visit Earth Cafe (N 2, Derb Zawak, Riad Zitoun Kedim). The prices are European, but the menu’s very special and completely vegan.

Furthermore I dare you to try a crazy but healthy drink that you pronounce as ‘’gooden-gel’’ (with the first ‘’g’’ pronounced as the sounds in Dutch/German/Arabic languages). It is rumored that this spicy herbal drink would work like a natural Viagra! I’m not sure if it worked for me, but I noticed it’s stimulating the blood circulation system. It’s served in fall/winter season because it is great when you’re having a cold. You can find the drink at small food stands on the Jamaa el Fna square, or in the Medina streets.

In Gueliz
Lovers of all sorts of (fried) seafood should visit Avenu Moulay Rachid, behind Cafe la Poste. Pick one of many fish restaurant, it doesn’t really matter which one, as all are qualitative and very affordable. The fish is served with water, bread, olives and some Moroccan tapenades. Don’t expect something chique though, the restaurants are more like the better snack bars. Visit on Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays or Sundays, when the catch is freshest.

For delicious flavored coffee or chocolate milk you should visit café and restaurant Extrablatt, which is located on the corner on Avenu Echouada and Rue Alqadissia. Caramel, choco, coco, chili flavor… all yummy. Prices are European, think 3-5 euro for a cup, but not as high as competitor Starbucks on Rue Sourya. Besides I found the quality much better.

Oriental Dance Classes
For some dancing you should visit Khalid’s classes at Dance-4-You (Immeuble LOUMAMI, Rond Poind Casa-Safi, Apartement N. 16, across Mc Donald-Rte de Casa) in Gueliz.
Khalid is a great performer who danced at famous modern ballet companies like the Martha Graham Company. He will teach you the art of being elegant and feminine sexy but without being vulgar. I consider the music very ‘’orientale’’ and the choreographies too. Nonetheless, Khalid’s choreographies are special and creative, as he blends them with dance styles like salsa, tango and modern ballet. It’s no wonder, the classes are very popular amongst Marrakchi woman.
Classes are given on Monday from 19.15-20.15, Tuesday morning from 09.00-10.00 and evening from 20.30-21.30, Thursday morning from 09.00-10.00, Friday evening from 20.30-21.30 and Saturday from 17.30-18.30. As classes are sometimes a little crowded, you can best attend a class in the morning or on Saturday.

If you’re looking for nightlife (and some culture shocks), I advise you to go to one of the many night café’s in Gueliz. Here, you can enjoy some alcoholic drinks and live music. Bands play western pop hits, but mainly Arabic pop music. Oh how I love it.
Unfortunately the prices, especially of alcohol, are generally relatively high in Morocco. Think of or above European prices. There are some cheaper bars but they don’t provide live music. The more expensive ones, do however.

Culture shock 1: don’t be surprised by the many working girls in these places, if you know what I mean. They are in stark contrast with the covered girls in hijabs and jelaba’s in the Marrakech streets.
Culture shock 2: I found the atmosphere in these places by far not as loose and open as in European nightlife. Visitors don’t dance as much (maybe because they drink little alcohol?). Besides they seem more serious and keep an eye on each other as if the club is a dangerous jungle… Don’t let it bother you, just enjoy the experience.
I’m curious of your opinion, share it below 😉

Cheaper without live music, with good atmosphere
At Cafe Atlas (Boulvard Mohamed V, across Cafe Renaissance) you can best order beer or Moroccan wine.

The Chesterfield Pub (115 Boulevard Mohammed V) offers some low-priced beer and acceptable but low-priced cocktails. In warmer nights you can sit in the beautiful garden which is decorated with plants and candles.

More expensive, with good live music
African Chiq (Rue Oum Errabia) the most kitschy place I’ve ever seen. The walls are packed with pieces of decoration in every style from every age on the whole planet. They’ve got great live music and delicious and huge cocktails. For a cocktail you’ll pay approximately 5 up to 10 euro.

Also visit the VIP Room (Jardins de la Palmeraie – c/o Hôtel du Golf) and le Carre Rouge (Hôtel Tikida Garden, Route de Fès, Circuit de la Palmeraie) for great live oriental music and dance.

Not my favourites, but for those who are into it: the real discotheques you’ll find on route Mohammed V. Here you’ll find Theatro, Pacha and most expensive Club 555. The entrance and prices for drinks are very high, but you’ll be treated with live performances of go go dancers (f.e. in Pirates of the Caribbean- or circus- style) and live djembé percussions along with popular dance-able house/ hip hop/ pop music.

I found the looks, go go performances and the quality of sound very good in both Club 555 and Theatro. The music played at Theatro was very popular, and sometimes cheesy, but dance-able thanks to rhythmic live percussion sessions. Summed up, the music in Theatro was not great, but fine for a night. However, the DJ’s at Club 555 were just terribly bad as well as the atmosphere and the high prices. By far no recommendation. Pacha I didn’t visit yet, so I will share my review in a later post.

Shisha Lounges
If you want to suck on a shisha pipe, you’re very unlucky. Unfortunately most of the shisha lounges in Morocco closed this year, as a consequence of a change in law.
That’s it for now.
Let me know if you’ve got any question/comments/suggestions/opinions!