Call for Application: Maroc Artist Meeting

MAM – Maroc Artist Meeting– Intercultural Exchange Within All Fields of Art.


MAM – Maroc Artist Meeting 6.April- 26.April 2015
MAM Marrakech 6.-19. April. 2015 (encounter/exchange)
MAM on the road 20.-26.April 2015 (community art project)

MAM – Maroc Artist Meeting is an encounter open to professional artists, both Moroccan and international, seeking to engage with their lived environments and artistic practice in a critical way. All artists will work, experiment, live, discuss and network for a period of two weeks in Marrakech.

– The residency starts with an official presentation of each artist’s personal work.
– In the 1st week, participants will develop their own individual project.
– The 2nd week is an open space for free cultural and artistic exchange between
residents that will culminate in a presentation by all collaborators.
– During the 3rd week, selected participants will travel to different villages to work on
community art projects with locals.

MAM provides a frame for collaborative work in order to discover new formats and their potential contents – through practice as well as in theoretical discourse.

MAM seeks highly motivated artists who are able to work independently within a group setting. Artists from all disciplines are welcome to apply for the residency program – including performing arts, visual arts, street arts, applied arts, music and literature.

MAM is about active participation and communal organization. It gives the possibility to discover creative means of self-empowerment and self-responsibility.
Each artist will be fully responsible for his experience and his progress within the collective.

MAM takes place in the heart of Marrakech, where we will live and work as a temporary collective.

Apply for a grant

MAM offers grants for up to 10 individual participants. The grant will cover costs for accommodation, food, and a small budget for material and supplies.
Travel costs to morocco will be funded only to few selected grant holders.
Application should include:
– A strong motivation letter.
– A description of your previous work including an online link.
– A proposal for the individual project in the 1st week.
– Possible ideas for the exchange during the 2nd week.
– If you are interested in participating in the community art project during the 3rd week, please submit a separate motivation letter detailing your interest and any previous experiences in social-artistic work.

Application deadline is 15th January 2015.
Please send all materials to

For any questions please contact us at the same address.


Cafe Clock Marrakech

Cafe Clock is a cross-cultural meeting place for all people interested in art, music, yoga, literature and meeting cool people from all over the world!
Sounds like Priscilla’s Best Friend Forever don’t you think?
Our staff is fond of the cafe and invites you to join us when visiting the cafe.

The looks European, the furniture Moroccan, the art on the walls great, and the food and drinks tasty.
Into folklore? Cafe Clock organizes a festive Gnawa music night every sunday. Be prepared for some excited dancing, singing and clapping as the staff of cafe clock will grab you for a dance!

The latest cool events:
Wednesday: Yoga/Jam session
Thursday: Traditional Storytelling
Saturday: Concert
Sunday: Gnawa Music

But check their agenda for event dates and times:


Arabs on Acid

Oriental acid, orient tech, arab house, acid arab? Mysterious, even dangerous oriental vibes, great build-ups and perfect when blended with tripping electronic music like acid house, techno and trance, sometimes even dub.
My excitement for oriental/Arabic tunes peaked when I heard these blends. Maybe it’s because something familiar to me (like electronic music), got mixed with something unfamiliar (like oriental sounds). The recipe for success, one of my university teachers once said.
It might work for you too. Let me know and post your discoveries!

Omar-Souleyman-Leh-Jani marie madeleine

-My personal favorite: Acid Arab Ft. Avril, Shadi Khries – Samira:

-Lovin’ it? Listen to sexy, tripping, deadly: Marie Madeleine – Love Suicide (Acid Arab Remix):

-Something similar, but with funky beats: Boys In The Oud aka Turzi, Judah Warsky, Dj Gilb’R & Adnan Mohamed – Cosmique Arabe:

-Of the same series, but a little easier on the ears: Mattia – Surabaya:

-Jan Driver’s mixes popular techno with arabic flute sounds from snake-charmers:

-Badawi’s rhythmic Final Warning: and the hypnotic Storm:

bedouin sound clash kardamoon

-Omar Souleyman uses only electronic instruments to create his traditional oriental melodies:

-Django Django’s Skies over Cairo sounds like a Super Mario game, what do you think?:

”Shake the mind from the body, the body’s always tight to the ground” -C Cat Trance, corny but fun mixes of 80s- and oriental- sounds: and magic Sudaniyya with funky base sounds:

ccattrance188291 ccattrance_sudaniyya

Video’s worth seeing
-Nerve breaking sounds of Judah Warsky, but an amazing psychedelic video:

-Something new, something borrowed, something… Berbarian:

Hate- or love- stories?? I’m always curious for new music so Share yours