Meaty Men’s Omelet

A quick and easy recipe with Moroccan flavor. Though very rich and tasteful! Perfect for students, or people who are too busy to cook. Taught and eaten by my Moroccan man.

What you need for 2
-A teaspoon, fork, dish, small bowl, a small tagine, and a knife to cut the veggies

-2 Moroccan breads (you know, the round ones)
-Olive oil
-2 eggs
-2 la Vache qui rit cheeses
-Single portion small kefta meat balls
-2 tomatoes
-1 onion
-Green peas, portion for two

Some powders and spices in half teaspoon amount:
-Paprika powder
-Pepper powder
-Cumin powder

(Attention meat lovers: as an alternative to the green peas you can add ca. 50 gram rasped cachère instead. (For sale in Moroccan/Turkish supermarkets/butchers). Add it at the same time with the la Vache qui rit cheese.)

What to do
Peel the onion and chop it into very fine pieces. Peel the tomato and cut it into small pieces, then smash the pieces of tomato with a fork on a plate. Drip a generous amount of olive oil in the tagine and add the onion and tomato, the green peas, the powders and salt. Mix. Let it simmer until the tomatoes reach the stage of a smooth sauce. Place the kefta balls in the tagine in polka dot pattern. Comme sa:

polka dotsBake the meatballs until they’re almost done and color light brown. Break the eggs into a bowl and scramble them. Then pour the eggs into the tagine. Cut the la Vache qui rit cheese into small pieces and add them on top of the omelet. Let your omelet simmer the amount of time you prefer.

Serve with the bread and eat with your hands!



Tagine in Ten

Let’s cook some Vegetarian Tagine in 10 quick steps! It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s healthy.

Taught and eaten by real Moroccans.


What you need for 3 people:

-A big Tagine and a knife to cut the veggies
-2 or 3 Moroccan breads (you know, the round ones)
-Olive oil
-2 carrots
-2 potatoes
-1 round zucchini
-2 big tomatoes
-2 small zucchini’s, oblong shape
-1 big onion
-2 red peppers

Some powders and spices in teaspoon amount:

-Paprika powder
-Pepper powder
-Ginger powder
-Cumin powder

What to do:

  1. Peel the potatoes and carrots. Then cut all the veggies in rings, except for the peppers. Cut those in half, lengthwise. (Make sure to cut out the seeds! You don’t want to set your tongue on fire). Then place all vegetables one by one, in the tagine. Build a tent shape, with each layer of vegetables covering the layer underneath. Do this in the following order:
  2. Onion rings
  3. Carrots
  4. The round zucchini
  5. The oblong zucchini’s
  6. Tomatoes
  7. The slices of pepper on top! Place them in a cross shape, so every side of the tagine gets equally spicy.
  8. Drip some olive oil on top
  9. Sprinkle (with a teaspoon) all spices, thyme and salt on the veggies
  10. Add 1 or 2 small glasses of water (the size of a Moroccan tea glass) so the spices reach all vegetables. The amount of water depends on the size of the tagine. If you’re working with a big tagine: take 2 glasses. If it’s small: 1 will do. Subsequently, you gently squeeze the vegetables onto each other with your hands. At last place the tagine on a small-middle fire and cover the tagine with it’s lid. Let the tagine braze for half an hour, but check it once in a while! It may need a longer/shorter period of time. Veggies have to be cooked through, but be careful! The onions and carrots on the bottom have a tendency to get burned.

Serve with the round breads and eat with your hands, Moroccan style! Yes, this time you’re allowed.


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