Call for Application: Maroc Artist Meeting

MAM – Maroc Artist Meeting– Intercultural Exchange Within All Fields of Art.


MAM – Maroc Artist Meeting 6.April- 26.April 2015
MAM Marrakech 6.-19. April. 2015 (encounter/exchange)
MAM on the road 20.-26.April 2015 (community art project)

MAM – Maroc Artist Meeting is an encounter open to professional artists, both Moroccan and international, seeking to engage with their lived environments and artistic practice in a critical way. All artists will work, experiment, live, discuss and network for a period of two weeks in Marrakech.

– The residency starts with an official presentation of each artist’s personal work.
– In the 1st week, participants will develop their own individual project.
– The 2nd week is an open space for free cultural and artistic exchange between
residents that will culminate in a presentation by all collaborators.
– During the 3rd week, selected participants will travel to different villages to work on
community art projects with locals.

MAM provides a frame for collaborative work in order to discover new formats and their potential contents – through practice as well as in theoretical discourse.

MAM seeks highly motivated artists who are able to work independently within a group setting. Artists from all disciplines are welcome to apply for the residency program – including performing arts, visual arts, street arts, applied arts, music and literature.

MAM is about active participation and communal organization. It gives the possibility to discover creative means of self-empowerment and self-responsibility.
Each artist will be fully responsible for his experience and his progress within the collective.

MAM takes place in the heart of Marrakech, where we will live and work as a temporary collective.

Apply for a grant

MAM offers grants for up to 10 individual participants. The grant will cover costs for accommodation, food, and a small budget for material and supplies.
Travel costs to morocco will be funded only to few selected grant holders.
Application should include:
– A strong motivation letter.
– A description of your previous work including an online link.
– A proposal for the individual project in the 1st week.
– Possible ideas for the exchange during the 2nd week.
– If you are interested in participating in the community art project during the 3rd week, please submit a separate motivation letter detailing your interest and any previous experiences in social-artistic work.

Application deadline is 15th January 2015.
Please send all materials to

For any questions please contact us at the same address.


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